How to Treat Dropsy Fish?

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How to Treat Dropsy Fish?


Treat Dropsy Fish
How to Treat Dropsy Fish?
In this post we are going to Talk about how to treat Dropsy Fish?

Aquarium fish disease is something that is not easy to identify , especially for beginners . There are various reasons for different Aquarium fish disease which I will explain in the cause and Treatment  section.

Things to consider before buying an Aquarium Fish.

  • Buy Aquarium Fish from a shop where they really care for the Fish.
  • Take a close look of the fish within the tank to see any shattered fins , wound , red spot on the body, white spot, inactive, closed fins and any other dead fish in the same tank.
  • Check for free swimming parasite like Anchor worm / hook worm or fish lice
  • Check for swollen eyes or stomach bloating
  • check for cotton kind of infection which is called as fungal disease

Once you see every thing is fine, then you may consider to buy the fish. Below are the Most Common Aquarium fish Disease that are fatal if not treated immediately.
So lets get started ………..

Cause :

Dropsy disease results when the kidneys fail to work properly causing fluid retention and swelling of the goldfish’s belly. In late stages of dropsy disease, the scales of the goldfish will protrude outwards. When you observe these symptoms in a sick goldfish, its chances of survival are low. If dropsy disease is diagnosed early, goldfish can survive. By correctly diagnosing dropsy and treating the symptoms as well as the underlying disease, the goldfish will have the best chance of recovery.

Physical/Behavioral Signs/Symptoms:

  • Bloating Abdomen
  • Scales Protrude
  • Blur Vision
  • Inactive Movement

Treatment :

  • Remove filter carbon and turn of UV light if you have one.
  • Move the Fish to a Quarantine Tank for best results.
  • Testing your water is very important , you can buy all in one API Freshwater master test.
  • provide a stable water temperature with a help of Aquarium Heaters.
  • Increase the oxygen level in the aquarium using a motor pump or power head filter
  • Use API Aquarium salt With API Pimafix for fungal disease treatment and API Melafix for bacterial disease treatment for safe and quick effect .
  • Change 20% Water for 5 days with the Medication to achieve best result.

Good Luck and share your  feedback on the result .

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