Imported Molded Aquarium Tank 2 Feet- Model HR 600

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Buy Fish Aquarium Online In Bangalore – HR 600

This Beautiful aquarium for sale, is a great product for those who are looking for a perfect size with all the accessories inbuilt with a wooden cabinet. This fish tank has a very unique view with the compact size and the overall finish, this fish tank is a great choice for a Beginner who don’t want a very big tank but big enough to have the decided fish with less maintenance, it has a very good inbuilt filter to keep the tank clean and less maintenance involved.

Buy Fish Aquarium Online In Bangalore
Buy Fish Aquarium Online In Bangalore

Buying this Aquarium will be a great choice for beginners and also people who wants to upgrade to a better tank because of its beautifully molded on the edges and a very clear view which makes the fish lovers feel good about having this as a best choice from the list of small aquariums.

This Nano Aquarium can accommodate

  • 50 Small aquarium fish like Tetras, Danios and Shrimps,
  • 30 Medium size fish like Mollies, Platys , guppies and Gouramies  .
  • 15 Medium Large size fish like gold fish , Barbs and Angel fish It has Descant filtration and good light in which you can also grow few hardy aquatic plants like Anubias and Ferns

Tank Dimensions: 24 x 31 x 45 cm
Liters: 60 lts
Light source: LED 9 Watt
Colors: Black , Walnut

Accessories : Inbuilt LED light , Inbuilt Power Filter , Aerator and  Cover.
Warranty : No Warranty for this aquarium or the accessories.
Return :  No Exchange or Refund available for this Product.

You Can also Order it by Sending your address to : 9686298769

Delivery will be Done in 2 to 3 working days from the date of confirming the product

Cash on delivery available only in Bangalore

product is not sold to other city or state, contact us for more information wats app  @ 9686298769

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