Electric Blue peacock cichlids for sale Online, Size : 2-2.5 Inch

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Cichlids for sale online – Electric Blue peacock Size : 2-2.5 Inch ( Small Size )

The Electric Blue African Cichlid creates a gorgeous, colorful focal point in the freshwater aquarium. It has the typical sleek, bullet-shaped body common to the Cichlidae family. The active Electric Blue African Cichlid seems equally content guarding its territory or perusing the perimeter of your aquarium.

Electric Blue Cichlid for sale Online

Sciaenochromis fryeri does well with other Lake Malawi cichlids when provided with a spacious aquarium of 70 gallons or more with ample rockwork. Although extraneous for the Electric Blue African Cichlid, aquatic plants may be beneficial for other aquarium inhabitants. Keep in mind that Electric Blue African Cichlids larger than three inches will often uproot live plants. The Electric Blue African Cichlid can and probably will be aggressive toward smaller fish

Size : 2 – 2.5 Inch


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