Imported Molded Aquarium 4 Feet – Model HR 1200

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4 Feet Imported Molded Aquarium for sale in Bangalore – Model HR 1200

This 4 Feet wonderful Molded Aquarium Fish Tank Will Be the Best Choice for any Aquarium Fish , If you Get a chance to Buying This Fish Tank Online , it will be a great Addition to your Home or Office , Its Beautiful Wide View and Space Makes it the most Popular in the Aquarium Fish Keeping Hobby, its 4 feet Length Give Sufficient Space to Keep any Kind of Aquarium Fish that you wish to Keep. Buy this Fish Tank Online now and Enjoy the Elegant view .

Buying this Aquarium will be a great choice for beginners and also people who wants to upgrade to a better tank because of its beautifully molded on the edges and a very clear view which makes the fish lovers feel good about having this as a best choice from the list of small aquariums.

Imported Molded Aquarium for Sale In Bangalore

This Large size Aquarium can accommodate

  • 150 Small aquarium fish like Tetras, Danios and Shrimps,
  • 80 Medium size fish like Mollies, Platys , guppies and Gouramies  .
  • 40 Medium Large size fish like gold fish , Barbs and Angel fish It has Descant filtration and good light in which you can also grow few hardy aquatic plants like Anubias and Ferns

Tank Dimensions: 120 x 45 x 60 cm
Liters: 324 lts
Light source: LED 9 * 2 Watt
Colors: Black , Walnut

4 feet imported Molded Aquarium Tank For sale in Bangalore

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