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Neon Tetra Fish For Sale.

The Neon Tetra is often described as the jewel of the aquarium hobby. It is easy to see why it is one of the most popular freshwater tropical fish.  Neon tetras are small tropical freshwater fish native to South America around the Amazon River basin.

Neon Tetra Fish For Sale In Bangalore

Neon Tetra is a freshwater fish which is one of the most popular in Aquarium fishes in the world. The bright colour of Neon tetra adds great attraction to the fish tank. In order to set the environment for Neon Tetra, it is good to have densely planted aquarium with low light areas for the neon terta’s to hide. Also, rocks with driftwood along with the plants are a good combination for neon tetra’s habitat. Tetra’s will eat almost all flake foods.  They lay eggs and this hatches within 24 hours which is an interesting part



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